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Cardiff:Du a Balch

Historically Cardiff’s Black Community was based in what was known as ”Tiger Bay". This area was built up by immigrant communities due to it’s proximity to Cardiff’s Docks that exported vast amounts of steel and coal.


This enormous opportunity for work attracted people from across the globe, creating “Tiger Bay”.

Over decades “Tiger Bay” faced challenges integrating within the wider community of Cardiff due to a variety of issues with local authority which created a fabric of distrust. This has resulted in the community being integral in the growth of Cardiff but seeing very little representation for this fact.


The project was made in direct collaboration with Black Lives Matter Cardiff and Vale with the aim of representing these people with Cardiff.

The portraits aims to show the passion and resilience of a diverse multi-cultural community. It highlights the importance of family, the contrasts of cultures and overall the undeniable presence of this community within Cardiff and it’s history.


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