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I am a photographer and filmmaker who works with a grassroots documentary approach. My work revolves around exploring the experiences of marginalised and minority communities within Britain.  The work is grounded in historical contexts and aims to inspect how notions of Britishness are changing.



instagram- @robinphotog

Publications and  Exhibitions-

Disposable Space Photography Exhibition (2023)

Online Artist Talk, Ffotogallery (2023)

Ffowcs Exhibition, Ffotogallery (2023)

ColdShoe Exhibition ,SHIFT gallery (2023)

Dominoes and Dice Exhibition, CULTVR (2022)


Dominoes and Dice Exhibition, CULTVR(2021)

Public Street Exhibition of Cardiff du a Balch in collaboration with Black Lives Matter (2021)

Wales Online Interview discussing my project, Cardiff du a Balch. (2021)

Article within Shredder MTB Zine (Issue 7, Timeless) (2020)

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